MagazínHow to get home aquarium?

Every man desires to take home a piece of nature. It also meets a piece of nature?

Every man desires to take home a piece of nature. It also meets a piece of nature?


Get your aquarium

The basis for the home aquarium is correct tank with a volume of 15-20 l, of course, you have much greater. At the bottom of the aquarium you need to put gravel. As decoration plants use live or artificial. Gravel can be selected in any colors and sizes.

Necessary filtration

The basis of the aquarium then filtration and aeration equipment. Either you get a filter attached to motorbikes or small submersible pump filter wadding. It is also essential lighting, which will complete the character of the entire aquarium. Over a larger aquarium can be mounted fluorescent body over a smaller aquarium will suffice lamp. LEDs are an ideal combination, never mind if it falls into the water bulb.


Light intensity is needed to compare plants which will deploy in an aquarium. Under weak lighting thrive rather bryophytes and other undemanding. Goldfish provide light alternation of day and night mode. The livestock needs are also various tricks like hiding, decorative rocks, roots, and of course, fish nets and food. We also recommend that the heating element to the water.

The best for the end

Once we have decorated aquarium, going to get a fish. The aquarium is smaller, it is preferable to buy a small species of fish. Choose However, those that do not live in large flocks or groups. Do not forget to inquire into what size they grow and what are the requirements for the company. You can choose Gourami, krill, guppies, loaches, Siamese fighting fish, but they pay into the aquarium separately from other kinds of fish. Specific selection also depends on the range of the shop where we buy fish. The aquarium is needed to properly maintain, regularly cleaned and all the equipment must be checked. Just so you'll get a beautiful aquarium full of fish.