MagazínHow to properly establish compost

How best to throw and also utilize organic waste from garden and kitchen? The ideal solution is a composter. We will advise you how to create it.

Also, you are asking the eternal question of where to bio-waste? Who has a big garden, in which a corner of his mind unsightly compost pile, the waste littering there and leave it to its fate. However, for smaller gardens, where every corner must be used sensibly and ensure the aesthetics of the property as a whole, this method of waste disposal is not an option. Then, you must purchase a composter.

Benefits composter

  • portability
  • faster composting
  • aesthetic appearance
  • save space in the garbage
  • ecology, recycling

What throws into the compost?

Grass cuttings, raked leaves, bark, crushed branches, sawdust, stems, peel the vegetables and potatoes, fruits, which are not enough to consume. Furthermore, coffee grounds and tea bags are used, which need not spill out of the packaging - it is made of biodegradable materials. Compost can simply throw everything in the garbage would occupy the place and especially the landfill seemed unnecessary gases. Never mind either cardboard or unprinted paper.

The plastic composter waste is hidden and most importantly - thanks to the special design of air circulation - it does not smell. It is not only to resolve the very issues where the waste but thanks to the composter can additionally utilize waste perfectly and produce a fertilizer. It can be used in the garden beds with vegetables or flowers. Also home to the pots.

What a waste compost does not belong?

  • Dairy products
  • Meat, bones
  • Fats
  • Fruit pit
  • All non-degradable material
  • Building material
  • Paints, chemicals
  • Animal excrement
Zahradní kompostér

Benefits garden composter is therefore indisputable. And how to create it?

  • The bottom of the composter do not tell any film, it is necessary to leave the composted material accessible insects, earthworms, fungi and moisture from the ground, which accelerates composting. It is therefore necessary composter stand on the ground without concrete or similar soil. It is advisable to remove the grass sod.
  • At bottom, therefore, place a few twigs that make compost aerated.
  • At the branch, you can just pour the first waste that space we recommend a few pieces of cardboard or unprinted paper.
  • Suitable them once or twice a year and aerate compost overturn.
  • Is necessary to maintain the proper humidity - compost should not be too dry or waterlogging.
  • Deflected materials and agitating alternating between them.

TIP: If you get an aluminum open compost, place it on a semi-shady place in and around vysázejte bushes. They will help retain moisture and compost hidden.

Home vermicular compost - let work earthworms

Why? Since it is based on the work of Californian earthworms, the handle can be purchased on the Internet. Vermicompost has all the benefits of classic composter more extras. You can have it on the balcony or at home - it is very comfortable throwing organic waste. Nowhere do not wear it. And earthworms take care of a quick and odorless composting process.