MagazínHow to use the leaves and when it Counts?

Raking leaves among the most popular activity is definitely not.

Raking leaves among the most popular activity is definitely not.


Autumn is the best

On the question of when to rake leaves have a simple answer - it is autumn. If you leave the leaves just lie in the garden, grass and plants that are hidden underneath, lose air, increasing the moisture under the leaves. Thanks to allow the formation of mold and rot. Consequently the destroyed lawn, dead plants.

The leaves clean?

Garden rake leaves you rake classic wooden or metal, or take a practical tool, which is a leaf vacuum cleaners. These are available with electric, battery or petrol-driven. Many models also manages mulching leaves. Shooing leaf blowers will save you much time. Leaves just grabs in bags or barrels and you can use it on.

How to use leaves

Raking leaves can be used as compost. The time decay is then much slower than in the classical grass and weeds. You can also use the leaves for mulch. Leaf vacuum cleaners with electric motor with a mulching functions help you work. Thus prepared Mulch serves as insulation against the cold, to keep moisture and gives plants the necessary nutrients. Foliage is a less tightly to the tree trunks. If you have excess leaves, you can also put in the collection of biowaste.

Further use leaves

In addition to composting and insulation for the plant, the leaves will be used in the garden as well as fuel. Perfectly dry leaves will burn in the fireplace. Also, you can create interesting autumn decorations. Certainly you should not burn leaves in the garden, throwing the neighbors over the fence and also do not discard it in the garbage. Fallen leaves will not harm the lawn when it is as strong and evenly. Smaller piles of leaves in the garden are great for overwintering hedgehogs and other animals.