MagazínInstructions on establishing gardens

You have at your house or in allotments unused space? Check with us on how to establish a garden that was actually perfect.

You have at your house or in allotments unused space? Check with us on how to establish a garden that was actually perfect. The first thing to be considered is the idea of how the garden should look like and especially what should serve. There are more possibilities:
  • Perfectly tuned space mainly for decoration
  • A place to relax and meet friends
  • Space for growing domestic crops
This must be the first stage push oneself and decide what within the limits of possibility, or vice versa reject. This is the first step. We now look together at the garden, which is universal and offers a little of everything.


Modify the terrain - the instructions for the establishment of gardens begin

The first, without which quite naturally can not do, it is necessary landscaping. It is hard to assume that your site will be perfect. Therefore remove all unnecessary, different from the construction and other waste, to excess soil. Also remember to compare the surface plane, or vice versa to create the first ramparts where you want bumpy, hilly or need terraced terrain. Alternatively Reinforce landscape retaining wall.

Think of living area

And that, of course, belongs to the garden and is naturally necessary to offer the necessary support. Here we need to include the terrace of the house, gazebo, pergola or other furniture, where you can relax, hide in the shadows or broil. Also popular are garden bungalows, which will serve not only to a dwelling or as a summer kitchen, but possibly can partially or completely replace the shed.

Are you planning cultivation?

I need to allocate space. It is necessary to think about what you plan to grow and how much a given crop takes space. There is a difference, whether it will be fine herbs, or even pumpkin. The ideal is a section already in the building divided into the appropriate fields. In this part of the garden, of course, include the eventual greenhouses or hothouses. Even for them it is good to have more clarity before you kick the ground and begin to create various sectors.

Think of aesthetics and recreation

Our instructions to finish of a garden area, which will serve as a relaxation and aesthetic. The basis should be definitely a quality lawn that requires adequate care, fertilizer and regular mowing. There should also be a small bush, as well as colorful flowers, or beds of perennials or annuals. Although the plants are not for profit, but to the overall beauty of the garden contributes more than enough.

As for accessories?

Whether you are planning anything, we can honestly say that you can find on the market today. They can
be differently sized stones and similar accessories like wooden gates and entrances, fountains, chairs, swings and so on.