MagazínRobotic vacuum cleaners you can stop worrying about vacuuming

You do not want to bother with daily cleaning floors? Lighten it with practical robotic vacuum cleaner.

You do not want to bother with daily cleaning floors? Lighten it with practical robotic vacuum cleaner.

How can we characterize the robotic vacuum cleaner? As a good and interesting helpers in the household. They are designed primarily for maintaining your floors. And that's completely automatic, without the need for a vacuum cleaner that does not complicated care. With the exception of emptying the dirt container. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner can work alone. And how do I choose?



What should robotic vacuum cleaners know?

First, let's look at what you should know such a robotic vacuum cleaner. The main event should definitely be good ability to suck the widest variety of surfaces. As an example, should be mentioned:
  • Floating wood floors
  • Linoleum and tiles
  • Carpets made of various materials

The vacuum cleaner should be able not only to a given area without difficulty vacuum, but also seamlessly move from one surface to another, which is advantageous, if you use should treads.

The correct orientation is the basis

Since robotic vacuum cleaners operate completely on their own, they need to be able to easily navigate in space and deal with the pitfalls and obstacles that are in it, they should therefore bypass a Do not print. And this means capabilities associated with the fact that in the case of obstacles tries this bypass. Proper orientation in space, however, should also be associated with the fact that within a specified period robotic vacuum cleaner will not miss even a single place in your home.

Battery life and recharging

Each robotic vacuum cleaner is also a docking station, which moves himself, he needs to recharge the battery. Proper vacuum should he be able to find without a problem while charging should take place as soon as possible. Similarly it is appropriate to look at the overall battery capacity - so that the vacuum cleaner on a single charge could without problems even larger vacuum area. So the larger capacity battery, the better.

What may also provide robotic vacuum cleaner?

More sophisticated and expensive models at the same time with individual brushes respectively even with dirt in the corners. Many are combined with a mop handle tolerably vacuuming and mopping.

Alternatively, it is possible not only to control but also directly programmed so that sapped according to your specific needs. Alternatively may your new hoover officiate virtual walls allowing precisely demarcate space where have move. Or safety sensors that prevent a fall down the stairs.