MagazínWhat are the common mistakes when building Pergola?

Bad term for construction

Even during the construction of pergolas often we make mistakes.


Bad term for construction

The big problem is ill-chosen term construction of pergolas. Logically, the best season from spring to autumn. Unsuitable period is the end of autumn, winter and early spring. It is important to monitor the weather, when you build a pergola, must be nice, no rain and no wind.

Poorly chosen location

Another common mistake when building Pergolas budget is badly chosen location. Primarily, we should put a pergola concrete wall of a house. People make the biggest mistake when building a pergola to the place without thinking and pergola is not protected from the wind.

Wrong size

Pergola for whom it is intended? As we spend time in? How do we use? These questions should we when choosing pergolas reconsider. A common mistake is buying pergolas by appearance, then the owner finds that choosing the wrong size. Either it is a small pergola, under which it does not fit or is it rather too large pergola, which rather hampers.

Poorly selected material

Another common mistake is ill-chosen material, either with regard to around the house, such as where aluminum pergola in the garden of an accident or because of the difficulty of maintenance. So consider when buying into what the environment will be placed pergola and whether we really have time to regularly painted wooden pergola or you can make do with a pergola made of aluminum, which from time to time only with water.

With the proper selection pergolas we can save a lot of time later. Pergola also requires proper shielding and protection against the wind. I take this into consideration when buying. The selection will also help staff the store where you shop.